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"Mujer" holds nail

On the Highway to Santa Coloma
Never never have I been
I'm in the business of having the rug
pulled from under munder
Life throws many challenges--it does
that every day.
The Highway to Santa Coloma is roundabout and croaked. A crow
flies low, lands on his feet.
The Highway to Santa Coloma. Such details I have seen,
This, I think I must repeat.
Never never I have been
Who was he who polished the plate ?
Who's the winged boy in Greek mythology ?
"Pegasus" she said.
Who's the winged boy with bow and arrow even !
"Pegasus" that's a gas ! Pe gas us
Flying Hobby Horse -radio controlled

Holds nails, holds hands
"Mujer" holds nail outside the hardware store.
Holds nails, holds hand
Let it hunder,
let it pour.
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