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Indra gave plentiful

Between yesterday afternoon and this evening's near full moon
breaking through the clouds again.....we had the mini deluge I asked
4. Some water had 2 run thru my shop.....and we mopped it up. Our main
diversion drain was blocked with old grass, else it wouldn't have
happened, but still it speaks of the volumes of rain that fell, so
badly needed by so many folks, trees, and the cattle. Our community
depends on it. And knowing from whence it came, makes me happier and
humbler still. I feelike a con-spira-tor, a co-creator. The privilege
of seeing Indra'smile this early morning, on my way 2 checking the
murmuring rivulets in the summer-creeks this morning, and finding this most intrigueing
url of Anastasia's "ringing cedars"-
, ah, I know I'm in 4 another watershed.

..which I found via Dan Winter's
DNA manifesto.
The cosmic electrician's choice.
The perfect pair to the cosmic plumber's choice.
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