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4-1-08 slightly retrrieved Swamp Tigers DVD rrrrrrrived in the mail

Today ~~from New Years' I lay Jessica Jaguar aside~~
Agapanthus -and The Curly Horse has joined up dup (not necessarily 2-gether..)
The Curly Horse says "Good Morning"
(2) Mahogany and your young Thekk
Your Mistletoe, your babies' breath
I amy own editor-and-chief gives-giveth me Kudos -Kronos Kairos and ...Kudos..aha!

-Symbol of "HEART"+'og' ~hartog.
How come Rhinegoldidn't get L.O.T.R.fame?
If it is available 2 EVERYBODY
-nobody sees/wants it (English)
If it is made available 2 everybody
radiating outo every other language, and onto
peoples only saturated in their own language
..it sways the whole world (like L.O.T.R.)

When will I watch the Swamp Tigers DVD ??? I got it 4 free ! --buTIME 2 watch it,
eludes me. That's cosmic justice huh ! *grin
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