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Victory in Sight

To all my lj friends, wishing you
the happiest yuletide season !

For myself..
this year waSO shocking, no wonder it is assigned to the Rat in Oriental Ratstrology !

... if I can figure out ...how to make a cut again... ???

...just to disguise the whingeing, for who DONT'T wanto read it ~and I STRONGLY adivse against it . . . heh

Here we R, the Yuletide is here, and I have made it thus-far.
Truly, how WOULD I have managed ??? without centreshot-s kind help, stamina, perseverence and ingenuity between
20 October and 30 November,
when my partner had to go into the Hyperbaric Chamber for six weeks, traveling 200 kms every weekday
to get his treatment
, whilst we put our noses to the grindstone to keep this joint running here, our business...........

In this year I have seen two female friends, mothers,
loose their eldest son in different motorbike crashes, and
also lost another friend to cancer.
And yeah, let me not forget ! Both my aged
in-law parents also passed away this year,
-father in law had his funeral on her
birthday . . . but she went first,
so she wasn'THERE to see his timing,
though, for sure, she would've witnessed heh !
Rest in peace: Danny Auld, Keith Piper and Janice Banff,
and Bruno and Wilhelma my old in-laws.
How can I forget U ? I will remember this year ALWAYS !
It was a RAT-of-a-year but now, the Xmassy cheer
prevails - and I hope to be less exhausted
in 2009 ! All have a very merry festive season
and a strong and fun-filled New Year !
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