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23rd February 2014

Sunday 23-02-2014 NOON till 1 pm Australia Pacific Time Zoneone
Long Distant Qigong Energy Healing

To heal them,
Ten men,
Twenty Three women,
I put them on paper randomly numbered

I remember by association
Through the healing symbol,
I remember them all...

Dave Byrne
Allan Montague-Elliott
Xenja Tjon-A-Ten
Trisha Dean
Tania Dean
Sia Jordan
Allan Dean
Frances Bird
Jane Voytko
Valerie Jeanne
Ineke Koridon
Annet Lemaire
Dawn Oliver
Marianne Zoete
Lies Cuppe
Janneke Schlack
Gaye Smith
Goldie Millhouse
John Millhouse
Pam Walker
John Walker
Rod Hehrer
Ann Haag
Ann Pelgrave
Fred Williams
Vicky Williams
Pat Hawkins
Darrell Hawkins
Walt Edwards
Elizabeth Dean
Marijke van der Scheer
Wisa Buigholt
Chris Rhodes
Current Mood: busy

27th January 2014

4:01pm: Can we now, or can't we now post ?
No ? I'll try it again. Just a come in spinner to see if anything has changed.

2nd July 2012

1:50pm: Woe for who ?
Withe distinctive colour of pea-soup-green
dyed in the wool did you,
whoe plotted repentance ?
-for the frog and the kittens
for Pughie and Peregrine's emerald seal
and purple blessing...

How now do we fit in those newborn
Merlo Bozz and Tristram Ucheck red-and-white puppies
with slight of hand perhaps,
will we wresthem off the rainbow ?
and off the Irish sea-road home
and all the oceans that have us wander...
Current Mood: curious

6th July 2009

12:36pm: Infamation 4 Foranors 2 Tidworth
After long absence on my part...

http://virtualstoa.net/2005/11/12 Lady Chichester's
Bactrian camel Therese athe parade ground in Tidworth, Wiltshire
inspired this post.

http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Tidworth So, here'some
doubtful, but undoubtably useful
Infamation 4 Foranors 2 the aforementioned Tidworth.

http://www.jamesblunt.com The mention of James Blunt as
a person from Tidworth 2 B avoided,
unavoidably sparked my memory of how it was
2 B rescued by the Gold Coast Coast Guard from the vessel
Pelican Like A Lizardrinking..
whilst "Wisemen" was
playing on the local station..

..that song that '1stime arounDIDn't get past 44 on the UK
Current Mood: rushed

21st December 2008

1:47pm: Victory in Sight
To all my lj friends, wishing you
the happiest yuletide season !

For myself..
this year waSO shocking, no wonder it is assigned to the Rat in Oriental Ratstrology !

... if I can figure out ...how to make a cut again... ???
just to disguise the whingeing, for who DON'T wanto read it -and I strongly advise against it!Collapse )

2nd October 2008

1:53pm: The Phantom of the Opera has died
His curtain call came 2-day..., the singer withe voice of an angel

The Phantom of the Opera has died.

...and much 2 young. He'll B sadly missed.
Current Mood: sad

17th September 2008

2:35pm: Much did I know about the Lung-gom-pa Runners of Tibet
And much, I didn't.......
-I didn't know they had a counterpart in
'the Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei in Japan, f.i.

But, oh, now more than ever do I understand
the need for 80 or so pairs of straw slippers
and that step-up of running for seven years !
Current Mood: awake

2nd August 2008

8:47pm: oh 2 B 'Virgo' - - - but with a Gemini signature
... :-} mmmmmmm, that chequebook of the future.

...think on, and thank you shaman ! Recapitulating the Weird - a bit of personal future instead ? *grins out loud.
Current Mood: crazy

5th July 2008

2:39pm: StarTales - Tales of Power
The Aphorisms of Kherishdar-Stardancer
The G'overn'ele'ment
All the Charly Price's 'Kinky Boots'
All your outsiders don't understandoverst, nothefirsthing about freedom, Charly Price.
Even when you'rEarlate -taking up- and overaking the whole life on Deaparture,
whorder early-can-still B late, and make wellen
~ wavey wellen ~
Current Mood: weeooo

12th January 2008

11:57am: Weirds R often "layered"
Sometimes U can't keep a long story short,
and I won't even attempt it, am not even tempted --

-THEREFORE, isn't it Hillaryous ? we have the B-Hind-the-Cut-Collapse )
Current Mood: amused

5th January 2008

2:28pm: U R Everywhere -
U R Everywhere -
115 years --guruji
1:24pm: 4-1-08 slightly retrrieved Swamp Tigers DVD rrrrrrrived in the mail
Today ~~from New Years' I lay Jessica Jaguar aside~~
Agapanthus -and The Curly Horse has joined up dup (not necessarily 2-gether..)
The Curly Horse says "Good Morning"
(2) Mahogany and your young Thekk
Your Mistletoe, your babies' breath
I amy own editor-and-chief gives-giveth me Kudos -Kronos Kairos and ...Kudos..aha!

-Symbol of "HEART"+'og' ~hartog.
How come Rhinegoldidn't get L.O.T.R.fame?
If it is available 2 EVERYBODY
-nobody sees/wants it (English)
If it is made available 2 everybody
radiating outo every other language, and onto
peoples only saturated in their own language
..it sways the whole world (like L.O.T.R.)

When will I watch the Swamp Tigers DVD ??? I got it 4 free ! --buTIME 2 watch it,
eludes me. That's cosmic justice huh ! *grin
Current Mood: rushed
1:05pm: He regards this valley mine
It's the Angel instructs the instrument
We are but like blind thundersticks
till the Angel opens our eyes.
In th'end the Angel wants nothing but
our company.

I think it was Friday 21 December, I was 'gonna' posthis... Ha Ha Ha. With everybody 'fupping' my time big time, lucky I can occasionally THINK my own thoughts.
-yet, in the valley-of-my-tears (though far from being in flood yet), I think I shouldn't
omit recording at leasthe most important ones...... just for myself 4 now.

It was 'the orangeye' that hinted me -halve your caffeine intake.

Fri: 4-1
C what I mean ???
WHERE's 'the Curly Horse's sayings now, already ??? (LOST)
Yeahe said "Goodmorning -2 all and sundry...". *sighs

24th November 2007

11:45pm: Indra gave plentiful
Between yesterday afternoon and this evening's near full moon
breaking through the clouds again.....we had the mini deluge I asked
4. Some water had 2 run thru my shop.....and we mopped it up. Our main
diversion drain was blocked with old grass, else it wouldn't have
happened, but still it speaks of the volumes of rain that fell, so
badly needed by so many folks, trees, and the cattle. Our community
depends on it. And knowing from whence it came, makes me happier and
humbler still. I feelike a con-spira-tor, a co-creator. The privilege
of seeing Indra'smile this early morning, on my way 2 checking the
murmuring rivulets in the summer-creeks this morning, and finding this most intrigueing
url of Anastasia's "ringing cedars"-
, ah, I know I'm in 4 another watershed.

..which I found via Dan Winter's
DNA manifesto.
The cosmic electrician's choice.
The perfect pair to the cosmic plumber's choice.
Current Mood: accomplished

17th November 2007

11:18am: All the circular doubleu-s -blink and they're gone
Alyssum -wild gypsum flowers give surrealty slope and scope
to hot air balloon floating away in freedom
Golfball Precept 11 stare on th'Euclid throughfare--

A window of opportunity -opens, briefly
Nowis -- nowas, brief fly, I know it
The landscape persists beyond today

Me is the part of the shoe
that fits of we
-That fits me comfortably

We explode outward - pander to expansion
Under_line of gravity pulls us back ~ above it freedom
(we see freedom floating away without us)

Do the instead that's possible, never in vain
So, lill' hot air balloon, N-joy the clouds !
The clouds (that) prevent us from N-joying the rain

Current Mood: restless

8th November 2007

11:07am: My dear departed friend
I hope U caNow C better in the hereafter -in
Ev'ry bird is a phoenix -their feathers new flames
Death feathers flaming new...
Spiraling from the Augusto the July
in a tight circle
They flame new feathers in the molt
Current Mood: pensive

24th October 2007

12:10am: Hiridissent Hurried
Is that "brillien" or what ! -as Lady Lucinda would put it

-It is, and isn't, and is - here.
MagiCarpet and RainboWay
Heyoka, Blodeuwedd and Quantum Gamble
As my photos R flashing (on-of-on) the desktop...
Adding the visual 2 the Olfactual
then taking the perfume away, and leaving
the splendor ... more than B-4 ...
Current Mood: hurried

6th October 2007

9:46am: "Mujer" holds nail
On the Highway to Santa Coloma
Never never have I been
I'm in the business of having the rug
pulled from under munder
Life throws many challenges--it does
that every day.
The Highway to Santa Coloma is roundabout and croaked. A crow
flies low, lands on his feet.
The Highway to Santa Coloma. Such details I have seen,
This, I think I must repeat.
Never never I have been
Who was he who polished the plate ?
Who's the winged boy in Greek mythology ?
"Pegasus" she said.
Who's the winged boy with bow and arrow even !
"Pegasus" that's a gas ! Pe gas us
Flying Hobby Horse -radio controlled

-Mujer holds nail-Collapse )
Current Mood: let it pour

21st September 2007

8:00pm: Bottlebrush and silky oaks of Bungadeng
Trees of childhook this early morning
Bottlebrushes of Bungadeng
-they give me back
they hook me back onto it,
my childhood

If going withe gods is gold
Staying withe sylvan isilver
I sing the runes out as loud as Eoh can

Now there WASomething ELSE ...
I love it, I love it -and lost it emporarily -lost ito emperically
Perform ing for the Porters

A bad one will set U back a lifetime
--and U'll know that B4 U getold (R old).
Even Eoh member -young Thekk tree is in on abundance.

Current Mood: chipper

20th September 2007

7:39pm: "I Got A Hunch"
Happy Birthday Laila...

As I sat down
I affronted the one
who regarded me from the wall of glass

And I said to the creature
Why -it won't do- you slouch
Worse, worse, much worse than me.

I lifted up my arms and worocked myself around
like into a leadbottombabooschka doll

With every so many turns,
'the next Babooshka' emerged,
the taller than the last

Until -at last at last,
I faced a creature much more,
so much as I had been myself in the past.
Current Mood: excited

16th September 2007

7:04pm: cats crossing our lives
This, today, is Stien Ravestein's 52nd Birthday. Though I haven't seen her IN YEARS. -don't ask why I'd never 4-get her Birthday. She had a beautiful white Persian called Cherry.
Coming back from a short break I saw nova_orion Michelle Meijs' entry with all the cat-synchronicities that occurred BEFORE her three cats disappeared whilst she was on holidays, and till this day, the orange cat 'Neon' still hasn't been found.

Following the story in the synchronicities, I remembered a book I read in the 70-ies, "De Kat Achterna". ........freely translated "Follow the Cat -or After the Cat". The author's name I had forgotten --till I saw it pop up in the yahoo search engine.

How I wish for Michelle's pain to end. That's one of my two wishes.

My holiday break was full-on running around with my hypo mate, who lost one clipboard, the spare car keys, his bag and left his wallet in the appartemenTWICE and more such emergencies, all on different occasions. His bag has been found (must only drive the 100kms yet, and pick it up where he left it), we are hopeful that the spare car keys are in it. All the rest has turned up. He's going in for x-rays on his jaw tomorrow (no, I didn't hit him........though I THOUGHT about it.) He woke up with a swollen left lower jaw on Wednesday, and has been on antibiotics from Thursday afternoon onwards.

Now........I think I'll need a couple of days to recover from my holidays. *grin
Current Mood: crappy

2nd September 2007

4:26pm: Hurried weekend........
Some very interesting bits 'n pieces, posted by 'gypsydove' yesterday.
......as I am 'on my way' --running late for Nathan's 18th Birthday Party.
Yep.....18 he is ! (step-grandson)
Current Mood: busy

1st September 2007

5:03pm: 1st of Month
Nine white rabbits ...

wanted 2 posthis on 3words but, hehe,
can't get access 2 posto ANY of my communities.

Revenge-of-bunny ?
Current Mood: crushed

29th August 2007

12:14pm: Squeeeeeee TOO --
open_ajna's Violet Anna ..... Welcome to your new planet !.
It's called Earth, and it's a REEEEAL easy word 2 say ! Born on the Monday the 27th.......
Welcome to the tribe of the Virgos, and.........especially, 'Club 27/8', where you hold VIP membership, rite away !

Well done, Mommie ! *Hugs-a-plenty
Current Mood: out-of-THE-umbra
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